The missing . . . LENS?

While combing through the neighbourhoods of Lisbon to capture some of the city’s famed street art,  I came across three portraits. Their level of sophistication lay somewhere between the glut of quick throw-ups and stencils, and the masterful works of  the local headliners like Borondo, Tamara Alves and Vhils.


These sensitive characters held one’s attention.  The clever use of the averted gaze successfully suggested an innately human quality, while the faces themselves begged for acknowledgement or help. This level of vulnerability  was definitely a welcomed visual harbour amid the omnipresent Lisboan tagging storm.

LENS_DSC7710 copy

A reasonably thorough search of the web, and specifically the name “LENS”, revealed nothing about the artist(s) nor if the three images were related. 


If any of  should you know anything about this work …. I am much easier to find.

NB:  Thank you internet. Artist: en.2o produced the top portrait on a red wall. It was drawn with fingers and white chalk and entitled “Holy Ghost” by denis_onillon   

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