F#*k You – 2!

Have we exhausted the number of ways that artists can depict our favourite little four letter word? Nah. Culturally we are inundated with  it.


The precious word – F#*k – seems to have completely besotted us and apparently we are visually . . . obsessed!

Jess Wilson, Light Switch (Two); Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018, London UK

This enforcer word intensifies everything – from flippancy to defiance, cold political rage to a beamy feel-good qualifier.  It is a powerful word with a range that, like the universe, is ever-expanding.

The 8 street art mages below hail from Brick Lane in London, the streets of Birmingham, the Ikon Gallery, and Hawaii.

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I guess my acknowledgement of this omnipresent word will likely continue till the end of days. Unlike Frodo, who managed to make it to the precipice, and against all adversity, freed the world from harrowing darkness, in our case,  this precious little word is standing its ground.

_love you-1