Logos + Signatures + Tags – oh my!

Once upon a time I collected signatures of famous artists. After that, it was a fixation with Les Nabis, a movement founded by Pierre Bonnard and Jean-Édouard Vuillard, artists who could magically resolve the extremely busy backgrounds of their paintings. Then came the fascination with renaissance masters and their rendering of hands and feet, which naturally led to their shoes. Continue reading Logos + Signatures + Tags – oh my!


19 May – 24 June 2017 LISSON GALLERY, 67 Lisson Street, London While making the rounds of London’s art venues last June, skulking down back streets and dark underpasses, cruising through museums, galleries and pop ups, I wondered “Is it possible to exhaust this city’s mammoth store of artwork?”  It is a bleak possibility – but then again, if there really are charcoal dust fairies, they will never let that happen.  I was so completely beside myself after learning of the appearance of Mickey, Homer, and Batman, my childhood kin, that a pilgrimage to the Lisson Gallery for the family … Continue reading Joyce Pensato “FORGETTABOUT IT”