Irreverent street art . . . as promised

The British election is looming and true to my promise in a recent blog post “I could . . . vote”, I went searching for more new political graffiti in Brick Lane, London’s mecca for up-to-the-minute street art proclamations and protestations. Within nano-seconds there appeared some real doozers. The first being the one below!

It is hard to guess who will remain standing with so few days remaining before everybody, LibLabConGreen pro-or-con remainers head to the polls to vote for …. whom? Who will remain in their seat? And who will remain out in the cold?

One of the most obvious elephant-in-the-room reasons for the current dissatisfaction in this election campaign is the unresolved and horribly destabilizing Brexit vote. Sadly, this obvious bug-a-boo continues to leave an entire population at odds with itself. So let’s concentrate on the will-of-the…-wisp street artists!

Some more of the concerns of the artists are expressed in the images below.

Let’s check out a couple of offerings from one of the more traditional outlets for this sort of op-ed lampooning – the daily ‘Evening Standard’. It just happens to be one of those free newspapers handed out at tube stations all over the city. That’s considerable reach if you consider the annual tube ridership is about 1,357 billion passengers, give or take a few hundred thousand.

The unfortunate truths is that these image-bites don’t really bode well for voters. The best they may get is probably a frustrated satisfaction – but at least the op-ed cartoons and street art are highly entertaining.

As the election approaches I again continued my search for evidence of disgruntlement. Political angst. Annoyed pessimism. Bewilderment. Yet again the opinions seem to be slightly one-sided. So what to do? There is only one answer . . . stand back. . . and post anyway.

Keep calm and . . .

. . . and then . . .


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