Everything OK?

Anyone have all the answers? Care to share? What was the question? Well here are a few of life’s little equalizers that have arisen on the street while foraging for street art.

The great thing here is that very little is needed from me, there is no pontificating, no analysis, psycho or babble, it will just be the pleasure of watching other’s people’s issues pop up, while knowing for certain that I don’t have to have any handy answers. That’s a good type of day, isn’t it?

These questions popped up in the UK, EU, USA and Canada, (sadly my country remains acronym-less) and boldly stray into life’s simple and complex issues.

Malaga, Spain

Universal themes appear wherever humans exist, and can be found in the street, or fortune cookies or even tea leaves. These spray cans voices can proclaim – angst, joy, doubt, and their questions can be profound or simply amusing.

Since the font of all knowledge appears to be undergoing repair, we shall vacate the Known Eventualities podium and leave it empty until some prophetic bleary-eyed soul dares to take a kick at the can.

And . . . if all else fails . . . . the answer could be . . . let’s dance!

Lisbon, Portugal

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