I COULD . . .vote

“. . . and so it goes”, Kurt Vonnegut

In an English politician’s world there are always detractors, and their ire is nowhere more visible, apart from the daily newspaper’s op-ed cartoons, than on the walls and hoarding boards of London’s inner city streets.

In London, time-sensitive political messages are conceived and posted at hair-messing speed. This ability is simply a mandatory part of an artist’s daily working life, a skill necessary to produce quick-turnarounds and support one’s existence in this expensive and gentrification-addled city. One’s gotta love their commitment, their humour, their brave and devil-may-care political stances . . . and their artwork.

Although many of the artists share the same opinions and frustrations about the UK general election candidates, the truth of the matter is (since it may seem that I lean in a certain way) that I’m restricting the public bashings solely to the mussy-haired blonde Eton-ite and sparing Corbyn. Honestly, I have yet to come across any posters, good or bad, that malign the seemingly ghost-like Labour leader … what gives with that?

One’s gotta admire cultures in which this level of satire can flourish and be accepted, especially in times like these.

It is time to wander off and photograph more of this social commentary artwork, since there are bound to be some real doozies going up before the 12th of December. Therefore, until this election cycle is over, the sentiment expressed below is as about as comforting as it is gonna get. So Brits . . . keep calm and …. good luck!

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