Alex Arnell aka ‘Sell Out’ and his screaming ab dabs!

“I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists.” Alexander McQueen 

psycho 1

Ever since I spotted Alex Arnell’s neurotics, his screaming ab dabs, it is as though a portal has opened and a bundle of dysfunctional spirit guides have tumbled out.

Arnell’s manic brushstrokes give birth to characters that howl  at us, as they release their Mount Vesuvius-ian pent-up emotions. They now posture as the new street art town criers. 

These are not the guys you want to meet while recovering from a serious night out, but due to the numbers of people ogling them, it appears that Brick Lane  and Shoreditch  have replaced the night terror of Jack the Ripper with these 21st century boogey men. 



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“I want to make art that is not contrived or elitist, so I try to trust and follow my instincts with regard to ideas/media choice.” Alex Arnell

Alex’s highly individualistic approach to creating  and animating these  portraits has the intensity of an artistic run-away train. The riotous chalk/brushwork and the loud but pure colours (not to mention the TEETH)  have given rise to these totally bonkers characters.  With a BFA (Honours) from East Anglia, a bio awash in art shows and art education,  you might expect something slightly more rarified, but thankfully the co-mingling of his full-time studio practice and  his work with children has given rise to  . . . well . . .  these ab dabs!


I strongly urge you to take a wander around London’s East End and get yourself yelled at by  these creatures.  – It is worth the abuse.

CONTACT DATA:  The ‘my photos-only rule’ still stands, so here are some links to bump up against more of Alex Arnell’s creatures.



Instagram: @alex.arnell

And an Alnoor Dewshi film:


“I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet.”

Jack London



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