Predictably . . . unpredictable.

Notting Hill, London, England

Is there anything that makes you want to jump off a cliff more often than having to download a whole new and diverse batch of photos and then try to conjure up yet another logical way of integrating them into your existing collection?

No idea where this was pasted up …. but mosts likely in Shoreditch or Brick Lane, London, UK

To quote a librarian,:

You have created your own personal hell.” 

“Good luck.”

With no meta-data, this one appears to have been sent from above.

Such a reassuring observation coming from a professional curator  inspired me to accept that the jumble is unavoidable and therefore I can re-shelf my imaginary prozac and confidently press “save” and send my images  into two-terabyte void.

Apparently a subjective and ever-changing filing system is normal. Thanks to her, this haphazard selection of  funny images can now legitamaly occupy the same space.

DSC05681 copy
Hackney Wick, London, UK
Shoreditch, London UK




Kaka’ako Park, Oahu Hawaii.

Miraculously though, I have also stumbled upon that picture of a 1972 Sunbeam convertible  that I scanned about two years ago. I promised to send it off as soon as I found it again but now I’ve forgotten who to send it to.



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