CATS rule!


Brick Lane area, London. Artist: FIN DAC


There are millions of cats and almost as many images of them inhabiting the world of art. These self-indulgent power animals expect love and comfort, total deference to their beauty and, of course, undying respect.

cat plaque

If you have ever been deemed worthy to share time with them, you will surely have been expected to adore them until the next ice age is upon us.

Ignore these beasts at your peril.

These royal portraits are drawn from the city walls of England, Europe, Canada and Hawaii.




Shooting cats in Berlin, Germany







Kaka’ Ako, Oahu,  Hawaii


Brick Lane – London

Some of the artists’ works are immediately recognizable while others are simply quick paste-ups, stencils or sprays that will mark urban walls until they eventually disappear under new layers of paint.

Me and #HRKRMTL in Montreal. Quebec, Canada

I believe that cats expect homage and treat it as their due, but cats being what they are, I better let them speak for themselves.

P.S. Should anyone out there know the origins and authors of these images, please feel free to drop me a line.





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