“I have to do it badly in the right way”

Grayson’s advice to any aspiring artist?  “Don’t do a brown semi-abstract landscape”. Don’t you just love Grayson Perry CBE RA, the Artist and Coordinator of this year’s Royal Academy 250th Summer Exhibition in London, and his “man-in-a-dress” persona – Claire? He gets to check ALL of the boxes on my artist aptitude questionnaire, and then some. […]

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Stephen D. Bunting: Superhero Artist

Lately I have been dwelling on the possibility of choosing a superpower. For some reason the choice of Rubber Woman popped up. Stealing apples and cakes from around a corner, or switching off all the house lights while lying in bed seemed appealing. But are there any other advantages to be being rubberised? Suddenly I experienced the full force of indecision. It felt as though I had tossed myself into a horrible abyss to flounder alongside the other second-draft, regular-power wannabes, left to wallow amongst all the other aspiring superheroes with low self-esteem. I have reconciled with the fact that … Continue reading Stephen D. Bunting: Superhero Artist